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The Guest House

Beyond your diving experience, enjoy a luxurious escape from reality in our Blue World Dharavandhoo Guest House. Join us in our lobby to start your day with complimentary coffee, tea, or water. Intent on preserving your privacy, each of our 12 hexagonal bungalow rooms offers a spacious place for you to relax and enjoy the phenomenal landscape of our Maldivian home. More so, you can bring the landscape directly into your private bungalow. These spaces feature a colossal window that peers out over our chill out area, providing quality access for all of our guests. This also illuminates the space with the magnificent natural light of our island home. Each bungalow is additionally equipped with a private bathroom, minifridge, and air conditioner to ensure your comfort and serenity during your stay.

our qualified team members

Our team is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

Name: Abdulla Shareef

Qualifications: Blue World Dharavandhoo Owner and Instructor

Nationality: Maldivian

Languages: Dhivehi, English, Italian

Name: Faisal

Qualifications: Blue World Dharavandhoo General Manager

Nationality: British Citizen

Languages: English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic

Name: Appi

Qualifications: Instructor

Nationality: Maldivian

Languages: English, Dhivehi

Name: Mohammad Kaium Sarker

Qualifications: Dhoni Crew

Nationality: Bangladesh Citizen

Languages: English, Bangla, Dhivehi

Name: Mohamed Shaheedulla

Qualifications: Room Boy

Nationality: Bangladesh Citizen

Languages: English, Bangla, Dhivehi


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