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how to get there

how to book the domestic flight

To book the domestic flight for you, we will need you to send us a copy by mail of your international flight ticket and the passport of each traveler. The departure time of the domestic flight will be scheduled by the airline, depending on the most convenient connection flight after your arrival in Male. After having collected your luggage and having exited the arrival zone of the international terminal, turn to your right and after about 50 meters you will get to the domestic terminal where you will be able to do the check in of your next flight (taking about half an hour).
In Dharavandhoo our staff will be waiting for you at the airport. We kindly ask you to provide us with your phone number, in order to be able to contact you in case of schedule changes.

The payment of the stay and possible extra costs may be settled directly on site, either in cash (US dollars ) or by credit card. We accept:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • UnionPay
  • Diners Club
  • Discover

A bank fee of 3.5% will be charged for any credit card payment.

To enter the Maldives a passport, which is valid for another six months after your return, is sufficient. All visitors need a tourist visa which is valid for 30 days and will be issued free of charge.
You will receive an application form during your flight or directly at Male Airport, which has to be filled in and presented to the immigration officers before you get to the baggage reclaim.
A part of the form has to be kept during your holiday and represented during the passport control when leaving the country.

Dhivehi is the official language in Maldives. Most people though speak English very well.

Maldives is 4 hours ahead of Middle Europe during winter, in summer it’s only 3 hours of a difference.

Usually you’re advised well with a casual/sportive outfit. T-shirts and simple cotton or linen dresses will be the most comfortable clothes to wear here in this warm climate. Please remember though, that the inhabitants of the island are Muslim, which is why we kindly ask specially our female guests to not take a walk around the village, just covered with a bikini or too skimpy dresses. Also men are asked to wear at least a shirt and not to access public places with a naked upper body. Generally we recommend comfortable and informal clothing. We highly recommend bringing enough of sunscreen (+50) and after sun lotion. Don’t forget your sunglasses and hats either. In case you don’t have an underwater camera of your own, you’d like to consider bringing disposable underwater cameras. Once the Indian Ocean, with its endless colours and unique shapes, casts its spell on you, you’ll doubtlessly want to have a camera with you to immortalize at least some of the unique moments of your holiday.

T-shirts, handmade drawings, colourful fish made of wood and many other interesting objects are being produced locally here and are ideal souvenirs. Only US dollars in cash are being accepted though on the island, with no cash machine present. In the little shops of Dharavandhoo you’ll be able to purchase cigarettes, souvenirs and cosmetics. You will not find any alcohol though, as Islam prohibits the consumption of such. It is also forbidden by law to bring your own alcoholic drinks with you, which is why bottles of any kind will be confiscated directly at the airport, if found. There are little bars here on the island though where you’ll have the possibility to spend a nice evening in good company, chatting and enjoying an ice-cold, alcohol-free beer. We suggest bringing about 200 US dollars cash per couple for tips, souvenirs and some drinks around the island.

There are no special vaccinations needed for the Maldives. The use of sun screens, especially during the first days of your stay, is higly recommended though.
Simple anti-mosquito sprays can also come in handy. In case of emergencies there is a hospital on the island. It is always a nice gesture though to bring your own medicine, and leave those which you didn’t need to the locals, as it is not always ease to obtain such on these remote islands.

It is strictly forbidden to import alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances, pork, drugs, pornographic material, spear guns, arms, munition and any kind of explosives.
Also brochures, flyers, books or other publications which promote other religions than Islam must not be brought into the country.
Please remember that it is also severly prohibited to export nacre, coral, shells or sand taken from the beach, during snorkeling or diving.


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